Earthship Alchemy in Acapulco

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Earthship Alchemy

Earthship construction and off grid autonomy have been a goal /dream of mine for many years. Given the immense emergency situation that was 2020 and the ongoing disaster of our time, I have been forced to kick those plans into MASSIVE overdrive (my own “Operation Warp Speed” for autonomy).

I took the online Earthship Academy after the shutdown ruined my plans for attending the hands-on sessions in Taos, New Mexico. As things have unfolded, it has become abundantly clear that Mexico is a great place to experiment with off grid autonomy and that I should begin my work immediately.

Our first build here in Acapulco will be a ‘low cost hut’ that will comprise and explore all of the basic elements needed for survival and autonomy in the modern world. It will be a VERY simple structure intended for 3rd world survival. This will be a great stepping stone to teach others and open the door for future builds here and around the world. It will lay the groundwork for ANYONE to follow and get involved with Earthship inspired autonomy.

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